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 Surviving Perfection
Burt Gummer
 Posted: Aug 26 2012, 07:03 PM




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Perfection Valley Nevada,

It was once the wild frontier, a silver mining town, the life of the old west. Through all the gun fights and gambling there had always been something else about Perfection Valley. Dirt Dragons, or at least what our ancestors called them. Graboids as they are now known. Precambrian subterranean giant 2 ton man eating worms. Back in the old west Perfection was cursed with these beasts and they came back to bit us in the ass while we had our pants down. Now living with these creatures would seem bad enough, oh yes from their unpredictable shifting into shreikers and then transforming into those heat seeking ass blasters flying above our heads. There isn't a moment to be safe. Then they throw in another surprise, top government secret laboratory. And they call me paranoid.

As if living with our great white Graboid El Blancho didn't get your heart racing we have to worry about a chemical substance called mix master leeching into the ecosystem and creating more unpredictable, unstable, mutant monsters. It's a good thing I keep my anti tank gun Betty on my personal at all times along with my side arms and when trapped in a situation without ammo which rarely happens hand to hand combat is an option. But that is besides the point. This is survival of the fittest out here. We have monsters all over Perfection Nevada and unless you are cut out for life in the valley you won't make it long. Best you can do is get a fire arm, grab a heat shield blanket, a seismograph wrist watch, and hope to god you are as prepared as me when it comes to the mix master monsters roaming around the mountain sides. I would wish you luck but truth is, I don't like tourists. Don't get eaten.

Surviving Perfection

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 Posted: Aug 27 2012, 01:06 AM

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