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 Posted: Jul 12 2012, 07:44 PM

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While the station can house up to seven thousand people, the station only housed three-hundred people in 2369. This number is not set in stone for Terok Nor. It's just a number and on a station the size of Deep Space Nine, an additional fifty or one-hundred people isn't a big deal. The only limits in this section are ones that apply more to businesses and civilian staff.

The promenade is only so big, after all!

While the following are lists of spaces, what is meant is shop owners or occupiers. Not everyone can have a gambling establishment the size of Quark's, nor can one-hundred people own a shop on the promenade. Each shop can have as many employees as the shop owner sees fit.
Kiosk: 0/10
Small-sized Space: 1/13 (Bajoran Temple)
Medium-sized Space: 2/8 (The Replomat, Cardassian Embassy)
Large-sized Space: 1/3 (Klingon restaurant)
(extra)Large-sized Space: 1/1 (Quark's)

School Director: 0/1
Teacher(s): 0/3

The number of civilians are unlimited. Families are welcome!

Character Code: Home is where the heart is.

Please keep in mind that members can only have THREE canon characters however, originals are unlimited.
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